Xbox 360 Red Lights Repair Finally Discovered – Responsible For Thousands of Repaired Systems

If you happen to be amongst the millions of people who have gotten the Red Ring of Death (RROD) then this article is going to show you the only known Xbox 360 red lights repair that is currently available. Unfortunately the manufacturer has not come up with a permanent solution for this problem. This has left many people baffled when they send their systems in for repairs, but get their systems back un-repaired, or temporarily repaired.

And it is for this very reason alone that people have sought out alternative repair methods to fix their systems. This article will be covering the best alternative repair, and like I said, the only one known to permanently the RROD. Before we get into this repair I would like to mention that the point of this repair is to STOP your system from overheating, which is the primary cause of the RROD. Upon making this repair you will be preventing a whole host of other overheating errors associated with the Xbox 360 such as:

– 2 and 4 red light errors
– E74 Error Code
– Graphic Glitches
– Game Freezes

The first order of business for a proper Xbox 360 red lights repair involves gathering all of the proper tools for the repair job. This repair will require it’s own set of tools that differ from other self-fix-it methods, such as the X-Clamp modification. You will first need 8 Machine Screws 5X10mm (5mm), 16 Nylon Washers #10 (5mm), and 16 Steel-Flat Washers – Zinc Plated (5mm). This hardware will later be used for the heatsinks modification. Next you are going to need a T-10 and T-8 screwdriver, a knife or alternative sturdy object to unhook the tabs holding the casing together, 1 paper clip to unhook the tabs hidden inside of the casing, a flat head screwdriver to remove the X-Clamps, Artic silver 5 thermal compound paste, and the compatible thermal paste cleaning kit, and finally a pair of standard pliers.

Now that you have all of the proper repair parts it’s time to get to the actual repair. First off you are going to need to disassemble your console. Once your console has been disassembled, you will need to take your mother board and clean off the pre-existing thermal compound paste that is on the GPU and CPU. If none of this is making any sense don’t worry as my recommended repair guide will cover all of this in the appropriate detail that you will need to make this Xbox 360 red lights repair. Now why do you need to clean off this thermal paste? We are going to be replacing it with a more durable and reliable one that is less subject to causing problems for your GPU and CPU.

The old paste doesn’t seem to hold up very well in extreme heat situations, such as the ones the 360 experiences. The next order of business is to make the repair to the heat sinks. Since this repair requires some visual detail where this article lacks, I will briefly explain what it consists off.  dishwasher repair los angeles  Basically the X-Clamps don’t seem to hold up to well when it comes to preventing the motherboard from bending under extreme heat. What will need to be done, is to remove the X-Clamps and then apply a simple modification using the screws and washers to hold the heatsinks in place more appropriately so that the motherboard is less susceptible to bending under extreme heat.

Once these two mods have been made your 360 is ready to run at maximum. All you will need to do at this point is reassemble your console, and turn it on. Assuming everything was done accordingly and the directions were followed you will see green lights circulating your on/off button. And there you will have it; an Xbox 360 red lights repair that will hold up and remain while everyone else is getting the RROD around you. Once you’ve done this repair you’ll really see how easy it is and be able to teach other people who are experiencing this same problem, how to fix their systems as well.


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